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File:Blickling homilies leaf 141.png|thumb|A page of the Blickling Homilies in facsimile; Morris, Richard (ed. and trans.), ''The Blickling Homilies of the Tenth Century: From the Marquis of Lothian's Unique MS. A.D. 971'', (Early English Text Society, o.s., 58, 63, 73.) London: Trübner, 1874–80; plate before p. 1 The '''Early English Text Society''' is a text publication society dedicated to the reprinting of early English texts, especially those only available in manuscript. Most of its volumes contain editions of Middle English or Old English texts. It was founded in England in 1864 by Frederick James Furnivall. Its stated goal in a report of the first year of their existence was "on the one hand, to print all that is most valuable of the yet unprinted in English, and, on the other, to re-edit and reprint all that is most valuable in printed English books, which from their scarcity or price are not within the reach of the student of...
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